ForestTECH has proved to be one of New Zealand and Australia’s most popular conference on new technology and innovation in the forest industry. In 2018, we brought ForestTECHx to Vancouver, Canada. ForestTECHx will return once again in 2020! This is an invaluable chance to meet and hear from the latest innovators in the North American forest industry.

ForestTECHX 2020 has been postponed. Please note new dates of September 1-2, 2020.

Thanks for your support of this event. We are all looking forward to these new technology developments for our industry.

September 1-2, 2020
Vancouver, CANADA

Event Details

ForestTECHx is one of the region’s leading forest management technology series, providing companies with the latest technologies, innovations and practical tools to increase forest operations productivity. The ForestTECHx 2020 programme will focus on:

  • Software, automated data / app technologies – keys to improving productivity and reducing costs
  • People leading the implementation of transport & logistics technologies
  • Evolving technologies for improving supply chain logistics in operation
  • Case studies for success in applied technologies: on road and in mill yard

The ForestTECHx 2020 event programme has been developed with a wide range of key international and local technology providers, forestry companies and researchers.


Program: 2020 Conference

ANTHONY ROBINSON, CEO & Publisher, LSJ Publishing
JOHN STULEN, Director, Innovatek Limited

Welcome & Introduction
2:15pmDOUG JONES, Senior Vice President Solutions & Innovation, Remsoft, Canada
DAVID GILLULY, Senior Manager Timberlands Supply Chain, Weyerhaeuser, United States

Optimized Operations Management of US Pacific Northwest and Southeastern Timberlands with Remsoft Operations Cloud Solution
The operational forestry supply chain is a complex and constantly changing process. Remsoft Operations is a cloud solution for achieving this process, providing an enterprise view of planning and operational data. It is a hosted, daily-use application to manage complex supply chains. With built-in analytics and dashboards, it provides real-time scheduling and information visibility to manage harvest, delivery, wood flow and inventory on a volumetric and financial basis. Implementing Remsoft Operations has empowered organizations to improve operational planning and scheduling across the full supply chain.
3:00pmTIM VALLINGS, Chief Commercial Officer, Rezatec, United Kingdom

Old Data - The Wildfire You Didn't See Coming
Information has always been at the heart of the forest managers job; knowledge of stand age, tree species, fire and storm damage, pest and disease and logging costs have all been essential for profitable forest management for decades. What is different now is the technology available for collecting, analyzing and presenting this information, with particular emphasis on the frequency at which this information can be gathered.
3:40pmKEVIN LIM, President and CTO, Lim Geomatics, Canada

The Forestry Geospatial Platform – Forestry 4.0 In Action
A cloud-based forestry platform via a SaaS delivery model moves us past just being connected; to a new type of system interoperability; where workflows and data streams that include LiDAR based inventory generation, timber cruising, harvest equipment tracking, fiber haul scheduling, multi-level operations planning, monitoring, land & silviculture management, reporting, etc are not just shared but can easily interact to create more possibilities by lowering data and information flow barriers and limitations.
4:30pm - 7:00pmDRINKS, NIBBLES & NETWORKING - Sponsored by Remsoft
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8:15amDR ALISTAIR SCARFE, Director & CTO, Robotics Plus, New Zealand

Case Study – Robotic Scaling Machines Development & Implementation for Export Logs at Port of Tauranga, New Zealand
New Zealand Exports around 20,000,000 cubic meters of logs per year, each log needs to be volumetrically scaled before it is exported. Volumetric scaling of logs has to date been a dirty, dull and dangerous manual job. ISO Limited (a Qube Company), is an international port logistics company, providing innovative Stevedoring, Marshalling, Warehousing, IT and total supply chain solutions to port industries throughout New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Robotics Plus Limited is a leading global player in the development of robotic solutions for the Agritech sector, delivering productivity improvements in the food and fibre value chains. Robotics Plus has commercialised robotic solutions in Australasia, US and Europe. Both companies are Headquartered in Tauranga, New Zealand, the location of the largest export port in the country. ISO asked Robotics Plus to develop a robotic log scaling solution that integrated into their existing logistic management IT systems. Robotics Plus pulled together a dedicated team of Mechatronic, Mechanical, Electronic and Software Engineers to develop a robotic log scaling solution. The solution being a camera bar mounted on a fixed 5m x 5m x 25m gantry. The camera bar contains an array of cameras and LiDAR technology moves over the surfaces of the logging truck and trailer parked under the gantry. High resolution rendered images are created and neural networks technology used to accurately identify the edge of the logs and the volume calculated. The Robotic Log Scaler can scale three trucks in the time it takes to manually scale one truck. The prototype was designed and built in 12 months, four commercial scalers have now been installed and commissioned with a plan to roll the technology across the country and into international markets.
8:50amROLF SCHMITZ, CEO & Co-Founder, Collective Crunch

Using AI for better forest management and decision making
- Leading the biggest AI initiative in forestry globally, multi-year program bringing AI precision to forest planning, management, inventories, harvest planning and more
- Current application – Linda Forest – provides forest inventory predictions. Forest valuation, risk prediction (fire, storm, pest damage) and CO2 capture prediction under development
- Making use of satellite, LIDAR, soil and process data Linda Forest creates a dynamic forest model where LIDAR provides only a smapshot
- Core proposition: better accuracy, cheaper, without the hassle of cruising
9:30amMARTIN CASTONGUAY, Manager Software & Electronics Applications, FPInnovations, Canada

Automated truck dispatch system for log hauling
An automated truck dispatch system was developed to allow a truck driver to request a trip that will be optimized based on logistical criteria. The approach developed by FPI is based on a complete server-less system. The decision making process is initiated on demand and the entire process occurs in the cloud (Microsoft Azure). A pilot system has been implemented to dispatch trips based on the optimal haul time for every request taking into account shift duration, wait time at loaders and time left at the end of the shift.
10:45amMARCUS SCHELIN, CEO, Cind AB, Sweden

Cind Case Study: Automated scaling on loaded trucks
Cind is a spinoff from the Swedish aerospace and defence company SAAB. Our technology is used by companies like Stora Enso, SCA and SmurfitKappa to automate wood measurement on trucks. The presentation will unveil latest developments to allow a fully automated scaling process with deep learning and 3D-measurement.
11:30amGRANT SUTHERLAND, Product Manager, Trimble Forestry, Canada

Journey to the Cloud with Trimble’s Connected Xchange
This session will highlight emerging trends in forestry cloud-based business systems and present several customer experiences in North America on their journey to the cloud using Trimble’s Connected Forest.

Cory Kennedy, Kennedy Trailers, Australia
Platinum Sponsors
1:40pmDOUG FOLKINS, Resource Solutions Professional, JRP Solutions, Canada

Case Study on Woodflow Logistics Implementation
How the Forest OPS tool set and Microsoft Power BI is being employed to manage Woodflow logistics for Canfor Operations in BC and Alberta
2:20pmITZAK EHRLICH, CTO & Managing Director, Dynamic Ventures, United States

Case Studies – Using Computer Vision Software to Count & Measure Logs and Wood Products with ‘CountThings’
Count & measure Logs & Wood products from photos on computers or mobile devices. Technology and product overview – Type of information that can be automatically obtained from Photos, Videos and common sensors available on typical mobile devices today and in the future. Deployment scenarios including the integration of the results into inventory and transportation workflows.
2:35pmPAM TUCKER, Vice President, Utility Composites, United States

Sustainable Forestry using a Secure and Transparent Chain of Custody
Sustainable Forestry can be achieved if we can eliminate illegal logging. The environmental and economic advantages of eliminating illegal logging are tremendous. We can achieve this goal by implementing a secure and transparent Chain of Custody of timber from the tree in the forest to the final product using blockchain technology and RFID tracking. This presentation will describe blockchain, and will provide examples where RFID is being used in pieces of the supply chain, creating a vision of the future for Sustainable Forestry.
3:05pmCAM BROWN, Strategic Forest Planner, Forsite Consultants, Canada

Creation and testing of a Hybrid ITC/ABA Lidar Forest Inventory
Working with FPInnovations, this project took the strengths of both ITC and ABA Lidar Forest inventory methods to create a Hybrid approach. The approach was tested on two 50,000 ha areas in BC (coastal and interior). Results showed that a very detailed inventory including species, volumes, BA, and full tree lists could be created with good accuracy.
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Who will Attend?
  • Forestry managers and owners
  • Harvest planners
  • Harvesting contractors
  • Technical foresters
  • Forestry H&S managers
  • Forestry consultants
  • Plantation forestry researchers


Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

7551 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC, Canada

The Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel offers guests the best of many worlds—the luxury of an upscale experience just 7 km from Vancouver International Airport, the convenience of being situated near Richmond’s many business districts and accessibility to Vancouver.

Accommodation: The web link to book accommodation at a special delegates rate can be found on your event confirmation email after successful registration.


ForestTECHX 2020 has been postponed. Please note new dates of September 1-2, 2020.

Thanks for your support of this event. We are all looking forward to these new technology developments for our industry.

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