Forest technology conference reveals harvester data goldmine

When it comes to extracting value from forests, one of the most important developments in forest technology today is STICKS software. It’s a paradigm shift for loggers and forest owners. While hidden in most modern harvesters, unlocking the system leads to a wealth of information for optimizing woodflows.

The unique harvesting and woodflow system was developed by an Australian forester after seeing what was happening in Scandanavia years ago. Today more than 85 percent of all plantation wood harvested in Australia gets recorded using STICKS. Other countries are rapidly catching up. Next month it is being revealed in British Columbia.

The latest forest technology conference in Vancouver in early March features three experts demonstrating how well the system works. A logging contractor, forester and business expert from Waratah will deliver a technology session on using the advanced harvester monitoring system at the ForestTECHX conference on March 6-7th.

STICKS uses files conforming to a protocol developed in Sweden – the ‘Standard for Forest Machine Data and Communication’ or StanforD for short. Virtually all forest machines have supported the standard since the 1980’s. But, it’s only when foresters and loggers learn of the wealth hidden in the data that the system gets fully utilized.

Beyond the STICKS system, worldwide harvester head manufacturer, Waratah has many new recent innovative technologies from automation enhancements, product features, and data management programs.

During the conference, Waratah will be showcasing their one-touch data transferring system that seamlessly sends production data and machine files to contractors. An exclusive Waratah app, WaratahMate, transfers data files from the TimberRite measuring and control system via WiFi to your smart phone. It then reliably sends this data over cellular networks to assigned email accounts.

WaratahMate is designed to work exclusively with Waratah and the TimberRite measuring and control system using a wifi dongle. Using the app can boost your productivity with one-touch data transferring. No stopping the operator to manually access, extract and transfer data using a USB stick.

Know exactly what’s going on in the woods comes with real-time information access. Seamlessly send production data, cutting lists, calibration files, and StanForD supported files with separate machine ID numbers. Lack of cell coverage isn’t an issue as WaratahMate will automatically send the files and data when you’re back within the service area.

The STICKS system will also feature at the 2018 ForestTECHX conference running on March 6th – 7th at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond, BC. To register see: