New harvester technologies boost log value recovery

Vancouver, BC – In early March, a new international forest technology conference is set to bring the latest harvest planning technologies from around the globe to British Columbia foresters and harvesting operations managers.

“With mechanized harvesting, new technologies in harvesters have been proven to lift log grades and outturn consistently. Internationally, Australian loggers have ben among most quickest early adopters of these automated measuring and monitoring software systems,” says conference organizer, Anthony Robinson, associate publisher of Logging & Sawmilling Journal (LSJ).

He says that the forest companies in their focus group asked to see what the early adopters in the log value optimization field have done to make them work.

“We have worked with both machinery suppliers and some of the leading contractors to share what they have learnt as they took up the use of these automated systems. People need to know how to get the information they need from the available data so they can manage their operations in the best way. Ian Reid, owner of Austimber Harvesting, is well known across Australia for his leadership in this area,” says Robinson.

Reid will be presenting at the ForestTECHX conference next month, working with the Interpine Group to bring the latest information on using automated harvester and wood flow systems.

“In partnership with application specialists from Interpine, we are bringing the best people from Australia and New Zealand for the ForestTECHX delegates next month,” added Robinson.

Robinson is certain Canadian licensees and private forest land managers stand to gain a lot from the practical early adopters of these new technologies. There is a wide panel of international experts in both forest mapping and harvest planning coming together for this ‘new-to-BC’ conference.

“We know that many users are getting better information and lower costs in the process. People need to keep their eye on this area. We are bringing together the best practitioners from industry to show just what is possible,” says Robinson.

The 2018 ForestTECHX conference runs March 6th – 7th at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond, BC. For more information and to register go to: