Speaker Profile: Kevin Lim, Lim Geomatics

Dr. Kevin Lim founded Lim Geomatics in 2006 on the heels of completing his doctorate at Queen’s University. His thesis on the estimation of biophysical properties using airborne lidar remote sensing set the stage for how geospatial technology is transforming the forest industry. Dr. Lim’s research is still widely cited and often included on mandatory reading lists for graduate students in the fields of both forestry and remote sensing.

“Everyone at Lim Geomatics is curious by default. We’re comfortable knowing that it’s okay to bang your head against the wall—to be frustrated. It goes back to one of my old mentors during my undergrad. I was working on something, totally frustrated and started to rant and this person said, ‘you know what, if you weren’t banging your head against the wall then it probably means someone else has already done it so this is a good thing that this is a challenging problem.’ So we’re comfortable taking on the big challenges, but we also have fun while we’re doing it.”

At ForestTECHX 2020, Kevin Lim will be sharing on The Forestry Geospatial Platform – Forestry 4.0 In Action: A cloud-based forestry platform via a SaaS delivery model moves us past just being connected; to a new type of system interoperability; where workflows and data streams that include LiDAR based inventory generation, timber cruising, harvest equipment tracking, fiber haul scheduling, multi-level operations planning, monitoring, land & silviculture management, reporting, etc are not just shared but can easily interact to create more possibilities by lowering data and information flow barriers and limitations.